Losing weight while sleeping is not a myth or fiction, but a real workflow that will help you say goodbye to extra pounds faster. Just do it right and follow a number of recommendations so that the weight goes away while you relax in the arms of Morpheus.

Here are the top tips for those who want to lose weight during a night’s rest.

Sleep is the best medicine and the best diet pill! The work of a hormone of stress called cortisol, a hormone of growth – somatotropin, and energy metabolism hormone that regulates energy metabolism called leptin depends on the quality and quantity of sleep, and sleep shorter than 8 hours leads to weight gain.

  • Go to bed the same day when you wake up (until 24:00, and preferably – until 22:00).
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day.
  • Fall asleep in total darkness and silence. Even dim light from a nightlight will reduce the production of melatonin and impair the quality of sleep. If you sleep poorly, a sleep mask will be a real discovery!
  • Let dinner be easy – heat-treated vegetables, a drop of fat in the form of vegetable oil, avocados or olives and a light protein in the form of white fish / seafood / mushrooms.
  • Products such as banana, cherry, strawberries, ginger root, cruciferous vegetables, salmon, eggs and the right fats: almonds and walnuts, olives and olives will help promote the production of melatonin.

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