melatonin and depression

Melatonin and Depression

Melatonin for Seasonal Affective Disorder The circadian rhythm of the body is a biological cycle, it is about 24 hours in length, governing certain biological cycles. For example, our body produces the hormone cortisol in the morning, when we need to get up, and it will release melatonin during nighttime when we need to sleep. […]

melatonin and valerian interaction

Melatonin and Valerian

Melatonin and valerian both have the ability to treat insomnia and migraine. Sometimes valerian is recommended for treating anxiety and stress. Melatonin has other possible applications; you can use melatonin for treating jet lag, sleep disorders, seasonal affective disorder, tardive dyskinesia, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, and glaucoma. Melatonin may also help decrease the side effects of chemotherapy […]

melatonin and cancer

Melatonin and Cancer

Several studies suggest that there could be a connection between melatonin and cancer. Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps in regulating sleep. It appears that melatonin also influences the other hormones in the body. Today, melatonin supplements are very popular as natural sleep aids. Melatonin has also been studied to see its effect on […]

Natural Sleep Supplements

Changing your diet to maximize sleep-promoting nutrition clears away the crud and lays the foundation for better sleep. But it is not a cure. First, nutrients don’t work in isolation, but synergistically. As far as sleep is concerned, two obvious examples are the relationship between magnesium and calcium, and that between tryptophan and carbohydrate. The […]

causes of narcolepsy

What Factors Causes of Narcolepsy

Study on narcolepsy, conducted primarily in university and hospital-related facilities, continues to research for the causes and a cure for the disorder. The major areas of focus are: Familial Trait (Inherited) The predisposition for narcolepsy can be inherited because narcolepsy is a genetic disorder. Anyone diagnosed with narcolepsy should make information available to relatives and […]