Biological clock failure

Practically every second resident of the metropolis today has problems with sleep. Downed day and night mode - the problem of all modern citizens.

Lifestyle plays with us a cruel joke

The fact is that by spending hours of melatonin production in wakefulness, we do not allow it to work out and do its work - in the end such a dream will not bring recovery.

Why Melatonin

Dietary supplements with melatonin have become popular. During sleep, the body rests and recovers, melatonin, as the sleep hormone, is responsible for those processes.

How to Struggle Insomnia

People tend to artificially lengthen their day, going to bed far after midnight, lingering - some at the TV, some at the laptop, some at the bar with friends, and some at work. There is a huge group of people who consider it normal, calling themselves "owls" and think that such a way of life corresponds to their "constitution" and does not cause harm.

Even if it seems to us that we slept, our organs and systems need help - they need melatonin, which we did not allow to work out at night.

Numerous studies conducted in different countries of the world have shown that the disturbed rhythm of melatonin formation significantly affects the quality of life, shortens its duration and, over time, causes serious diseases. People who do not sleep at night (it’s not so important - whether they work on the night shift or spend time watching TV) are guaranteed a chronic lack of melatonin. All groups of studies have shown that people living a nightlife are 40–60% more likely than others to be at risk for diabetes, hypertension, obesity, atherosclerosis, and cancer.

I love sleep; it's my favorite.

Kenye West

Artificially lengthened daylight hours, unfortunately, lead to the disruption of all body systems, with all the dire consequences. Lack of sleep is one of the main causes of poor recovery, especially among amateur athletes. Besides, lack of sleep affects the ability to learn and think logically. According to research by the American Academy of Sleep Studies, two-thirds of the world's population do not get enough sleep regularly. Work, training, stress, study, the Internet - and now it is night, and you should get up in four hours. Meanwhile, a healthy person should sleep at least 7 hours a day, while sport training - all 8-9.

Dietary supplements with melatonin have become popular, they are actively advertised, claiming that this hormone will help to cope with lack of sleep.

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