Brand: Meloset

Generic (active ingredient): Melatonin

Manufacturer: Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

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Form: Scored Tablets

This product is represented by an Indian brand Meloset, which is produced as a scored tablet containing 3 mg of an active ingredient, called melatonin. The remedy is released in blisters, 10 tablets in each, which can be purchased without a prescription. It’s worth buying 60 tablets right away if you have the sports purposes or in order to normalize your sleep, as it is recommended to adhere to the following course of melatonin:
the first 2-3 days of intake: 3 mg per day of melatonin;
the following days of intake: 6 mg per day;
the total course duration is 1-2 months.

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10 tablets$13.95$1.40BUY
20 tablets$22.95$1.15BUY
30 tablets$26.95$0.90BUY
60 tablets$43.95$0.73 BUY
90 tablets$52.95$0.59 BUY
120 tablets$64.95$0.54 BUY
180 tablets $85.95 $0.48 BUY