Natural Sleep Supplements

Changing your diet to maximize sleep-promoting nutrition clears away the crud and lays the foundation for better sleep. But it is not a cure. First, nutrients don’t work in isolation, but synergistically. As far as sleep is concerned, two obvious examples are the relationship between magnesium and calcium, and that between tryptophan and carbohydrate. The […]

causes of narcolepsy

What Factors Causes of Narcolepsy

Study on narcolepsy, conducted primarily in university and hospital-related facilities, continues to research for the causes and a cure for the disorder. The major areas of focus are: Familial Trait (Inherited) The predisposition for narcolepsy can be inherited because narcolepsy is a genetic disorder. Anyone diagnosed with narcolepsy should make information available to relatives and […]

narcolepsy in children

Narcolepsy In Children

Since narcolepsy is a genetic disorder, a parent should be the ones to detect any symptoms that develop in their children. Unfortunately, many parents who have narcolepsy are still searching for a correct diagnosis of their symptoms. Difficulties with the diagnosis assignment The first problem is a lack of knowledge of all disorders of excessive […]